Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft

Basically, credit card fraud is the illegal and unauthorized use of your credit card to either acquire goods without paying for them or acquire funds from your account via cash withdrawal. Whenever a criminal attempts to gain and misuse your credit card information, your credit card firm will notify you initially. Your account number will then be updated as well as the company will try to obliterate any fraudulent charges.

Quite often, credit card fraud is part of a larger theft of your identity. Identity thieves can deceitfully extract your personal information to initiate a new line of credit, avail new loans, create a new credit card, and get a fake ID in your name. The worst part is that unlike card fraud, identity theft doesn’t have any safety net, which means you would ultimately pay for all damages due to the identity theft.

The safest bet is to opt for an all-inclusive credit card theft protection plan that comprises both card credit monitoring service and card identity theft protection.

Comprehensive Credit Card Identity Theft Protection & Monitoring with IdentityMaxxPlus

With IdentityMaxxPlus, you get the most comprehensive card monitoring and identity theft protection. Here are a few advantages of IdentityMaxxPlus:

  1. Free Credit Reports Reminder: IdentityMaxxPlus’ Credit Report Reminder Service helps you receive free annual credit reports from all major credit bureaus, including Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.
  2. Fraud Alert Assistance: With our Fraud Alert Assistance Service, you get complete credit card identity theft protection as we offer stepwise instructions to establish fraud alerts on your credit profile. This is certainly the best way to safeguard your credit profile from unauthorized use.
  3. Credit Security Freezes: Our Security Freeze Service prevents a credit reporting agency from disclosing your credit report information without your approval. IdentityMaxxPlus helps you establish a Security Freeze on each of your credit profiles at Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.
  4. Personal Network Monitoring: We monitor your credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, social security number as well as modifications to your identity profiles, the dark web, and billions of private and public data records.
  5. Lost Wallet Service: The Lost Wallet Service of IdentityMaxxPlus lets you to store critical financial information securely and contact critical financial centers, just in case you lose your wallet or purse. This is important to prevent criminals from stealing your money.
  6. Limited Power of Attorney: With this feature, you get access to a professional to carry out the physical identity restoration task. This means, if you lose your credit cards, the professional will help you cancel and reissue credit cards on your behalf.

In case a credit card fraud ever turns into identity theft, the 24/7-availbale Certified Protection Experts at IdentityMaxxPlus will offer comprehensive identity theft restoration and recovery services to bring back your life on track.

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