Child Identity Theft

A child’s identity can be compromised in the similar manner as that of an adult. A data breach can happen at a medical office, school, or other establishments, where you’ve shared your kid’s personal information. If it occurs, your child’s sensitive information may end up in the hands of criminals, who can exploit it in the most evil ways.

If in case the breached information is your child's Social Security Number (SSN), the situation may turn from bad to worse in no time. Thieves can use the SSN to apply for a loan or utility service like cell phone numbers, open credit card and bank accounts, government benefits, or rent a residence, thereby creating your child’s credit.

Since children only use their SSNs much later in life, the theft and related crime may go unnoticed for years – till someone makes a credit check. During that time, thieves can inflict severe damage on your child’s credit history.

Why Child Identity Theft Protection

According to a 2017 report, over million children fell victim to identity theft in the U.S. that cost more than $500 billion in out-of-the-pocket expenses to families due to the fraud.

Identity theft could affect your child's future employment as well as credit history. If the identity thieves (who, many a time, turn out to be a family member), obtain credit accounts, or even get jobs using your child’s identity. Moreover, if the thieves get arrested for other crimes, no wonder those crimes might become linked with your kid’s record.

Therefore, it is crucial to have child identity theft protection plan to secure your child’s future.

How to Detect and Prevent Child Identity Theft

Child identity theft can be recognized in several ways. If your child begin receiving dubious messages or mails, such as financial offers or pre-approved loan or credit cards in their name, it could possibly be the case of identity theft. It can also be the case when you try to apply for your kid’s account, but find an existing account or the application gets rejected due to poor credit record. In case your child has a pre-existing credit report in their name, it means that the theft has already been taken place.

Parents need to be cautious about where and how they share their child’s personally identifiable information. For instance, providing SSNs on athletic registrations and school forms are extremely vulnerable. Shockingly, children’s personal information is even sold on the Dark Web for hundreds of dollars.

With increasing cases of data breaches at schools and similar institutions, it is crucial to prevent child identity theft in the first place with a foolproof child identity theft protection plan.

If you are looking for identity theft protection for your child or you doubt your child’s identity has been comprised, IdentityMaxxPlus can help you protect your child’s identity or restore the lost one.

The IdentityMaxxPlus Child Protection Center can help protect your child from internet predators. IdentityMaxxPlus enables you to incorporate research policies for internet privacy for your children. In case your kid’s identity is compromised, we can develop a Lost Child Recovery Kit and assist you with identifying and restoring your child’s personal identity in the best possible way.

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