What is Medical Identity Theft?

Medical identity theft occurs when a fraudster unlawfully gathers and makes use of a patient’s or health care seeker’s personally identifiable information (PII), including but not limited to social security number and/or medical insurance to deceitfully receive benefits, such as buying and selling of medical equipment, supplies, and prescription drugs as well as insurance claims, medical care, and other similar services.

The number of medical identity theft has increased sharply in the last couple of years. Medical identities are valued 20-50 times more than financial identities on the black market. This explains why on an average, 1.5 healthcare data breaches happen weekly. Another prominent reason is that it goes unnoticed for a longer period of time than other kinds of identity theft, which gives fraudsters way more time to steal and misuse personal information for their financial gains.

What Would Happen If You Fall Prey to Medical Identity Theft?

Medical identity theft could lead to hefty medical claim cost and errors in medical records. It can even pose a serious threat to a patient’s life too, particularly when the criminal’s record gets mixed with the patient’s record, which could lead to misdiagnosis and even mistreatment. Misinformation arising due to medical identity theft can scourge your medical as well as fiscal well being severely – the impact of which can last for several years.

It is important to remember that identity theft is a long-term offence. The malicious activity may go undetected for 6 to 12 months or even more than that. It’s for this reason medical identity theft prevention is crucial and that is only possible through constant monitoring of medical identity.

Comprehensive Medical ID Theft Protection & Constant Monitoring by IdentityMaxxPlus

With IdentityMaxxPlus’ Medical Identity Theft Prevention Plan, you enjoy complete peace of mind as we offer exhaustive identity monitoring of your health care accounts, including medical insurance identification numbers along with instant alerts of any suspicious activity.

We also help you get a copy of your personally identifiable health information that insurers use to assess your risk for health, life, casualty, and long-term health insurance. This helps you cut down the chance of any health insurance identity theft.

Plus, our Medical identity Theft Protection Plan comes with "Limited Power of Attorney" that assigns a professional advocate to perform the physical task of identity restoration on your behalf. This means, you are totally insured even if we are unable to resolve your medical identity theft issue – the chance of which is virtually zero.

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